Mitchell Staff

Administrative / Support Team:

Ms. Tisha Dunn – Principal
Mr. Kleinschmidt – Assistant Principal
Mr. Johnson – Climate Manager
Ms. Abney – Counselor
Mr. Mullin – Counselor
Mr. Fry – Dean of Students
Ms. Denike – School Nurse
Ms. Orem – School Based Teacher Leader {Reading}
Ms. Smart – School Based Teacher Leader {Math}
Ms. Nissley – MTSS Coordinator
Ms. Royal – School Psychologist
Ms. Wright – Secretary
Ms. Marible – Office Assistant

Teaching Staff:

Kindergarten – Ms. Ponzo
1st grade – Mr. Kallish & Ms. Carroll
2nd – Ms. Graves & Ms. Evans
3rd – Mr. Bui & Ms. Handy
4th – Ms. Yoeun & Ms. Flores
5th – Mr. Getzrik & Mr. Wharton
6th – Mrs. Corbin & Ms. Dopkins
7th and 8th – Mr. Macqueen, Ms. O’Kelly, Ms. McCluskey
Specialist Teachers – Ms. Rooney, Ms. Scott and  Mr. Steines

Special Education Team:

Ms. Purcell & Mr. Santiago

Classroom Assistants –
Ms. Tate
Ms. Nibblins
Mr. Amo
Ms. Lane

Climate Team:

SPO Meekins

Coach Easley
Coach Cole
Coach Gains
Coach Hudson
Coach Barr

Custodial Team: 

Building Engineer – Ms. Vikki
Custodial Assistant – Ms. Jasmine
General Cleaners – Mr. Anthony, Mr. Richard, & Mr. Tyler

Food Services:

Senior Worker – Mr. Reed