Daily Schedule


School starts at 8:15am.  Students are to be in the auditorium at this time.

Breakfast is served inside classrooms during community meetings 8:20am-8:45am.

Students arriving after 8:30 are considered late and will need to enter through the front door, stop at the late desk, and get a pass to be admitted to class.

Lunch Schedule

K-2  10:25-11:10
3-4  12:55-1:40
5-6  12:05-12:50
7-8  11:15-12:00


  • Kindergarten can be picked up in the cafeteria starting at 2:45pm. Use the door on the 55th street side of the building.
  • Grades 1 and 2 can be picked up in the gym starting at 2:45pm. Use the front door on the 56th street side of the building
  • Grades 3-8 will be dismissed starting at 2:50pm.  They will come out onto the playground.
  • Please be on time to pick up students.
  • Remind your child(ren) that they are to leave the premises as soon as they are dismissed.