About Us

Our Vision
It is our vision that within the Mitchell community, we will sustain a safe learning environment that promotes collaboration and partnerships with parents, students, staff and community members that will encourage the growth of high performing, well rounded, intellectual, life long learners that will be able to meet the challenges of the 21 st century.


Our Mission
Our mission at Mitchell Elementary School is:
*To develop, motivated, and engaged students in interactive classrooms
*To keep levels of energy and passion
*To have supportive teachers with seamless classroom routines
*To have involved parents
*To have an involved community
*To prepare students to be life-long learners
*To prepare students to be able to succeed in the 21 st century
*To prepare students to be responsible citizens


Mitchell Pledge

As a loved part of the Mitchell family

I have an important job to do today

I will focus on my education

To create the life I want for myself in the future

I will speak to members of my Mitchell family kindly

And keep my hands to myself

I will keep our classrooms, hallways and lunchroom clean

Because this is our home

I will act right

Even when I do not get my way

I will reach out to an adult I trust for help

My actions will inspire others

We are Mitchell, this is our house!